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[INTERNATIONALISM] Against Islamophobia (I). The Industry of Islamophobia [eng – عربى]

The machine of Islamophobia has restarted its engines. After the heavy defeat suffered by the United States and the NATO in Afghanistan, it had to happen. The twentieth anniversary of September 11th is a golden opportunity for stirring up racial hatred and revenge purposes. TV networks, newspapers and social networks unanimously depict the Talibans and September 11th suicide bombers as the prototype of all “Muslims”. Through this propaganda the populations of countries with Islamic tradition are singled out in their entirety as our irreducible enemies – unless they openly take a stand in favor of “our values” (the values of the stock market), bowing their heads to the West’s claim to dominate and deprive the “Islamic” world by divine right. Which was actually acquired with historical colonialism. Islamophobia is a weapon of war: towards the outside, and within “our” societies. This is why it must be denounced. For it legitimizes the endless war the gang of western imperialist states, including Italy, declared centuries ago against the Arab and Islamic world for purposes that have nothing to do with civilization, democracy, the freedom of women, and which is certainly not coming to an end with the inglorious expulsion from Afghanistan of Western powers.

In this war the colonial powers have always managed – more than ever, actually – to ally with local proprietary classes and Arab and Islamic countries’ privileged strata to crush the unfortunate peasants, miners, laborers, workers, and suck their blood without the slightest regard for their existence, especially if they are women. In case of rebellions, uprisings or revolutionary attempts, the West has thus been able to either use the iron fist to crush them, or to suffocate them. Inside Italy and Europe the renewed Islamophobic campaign targets emigrants and immigrants from the Islamic countries, who constitute the largest, most energetic and organized part of the immigrant proletariat. They want to intimidate them, and drive them into a corner, and make them bow their heads (those who held it up), by depicting them to native people and other immigrants as dangerous folks one has to keep away from, and that has to be punished at the slightest suspicion – though suspicions may not even be necessary given that they are “Islamic”).

To us they are class comrades, brothers and sisters who belong to our class, and whom we often see at the vanguard of workers’ struggles here in Italy. Just as we see proletarians in northern Africa and the Middle East who are not willing to accept the “fate” of emigration and fight courageously against their own governments and the gendarmes of the area (just think of the state of Israel), and pay a heavy toll of blood – they are the protagonists of the great uprisings of 2011-2012 in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria , Yemen, etc., and as well as of 2018-2021 major protest movements in Algeria, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, Iran and Palestine!

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