[LONDON] Solidarity with S.I. Cobas. Protest outside the Italian Consulate in London on the 1st of August


On Tuesday July 19 at dawn, a warrant from the Piacenza prosecutor’s office placed S.I. Cobas national coordinator Aldo Milani and three organisers of the Piacenza-based union (Mohamed Arafat, Carlo Pallavicini, and Bruno Scagnelli) under house arrest, together with two organisers of USB, another Italian rank-and-file union.

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We agree that this is clearly another major attack by the state and bosses against the extraordinary cycle of grassroots struggles that have seen tens of thousands of precarious and often migrant workers throughout Italy organise (and win!) against brutally exploitative conditions in the logistics sector.

We join the hundreds of workers who are strongly participating in strikes and protests called by S.I. Cobas in asking for the immediate release of Aldo, Arafat, Carlo and Bruno.

Despite a large-scale political attack on the right to strike and protest in Italy like in the UK, we believe that these attacks cannot prevent struggles from spreading from logistics to other sectors. For instance, as IWW Italia, we are now supporting the collective organisation of precarious workers living therein, particularly those workers in the English teaching and Tech Industries.

We send our solidarity to S.I. Cobas and USB workers.

We invite our fellow workers and allies to sign this petition:

We also ask our fellow workers to reach out if they are interested in attending an in-person protest outside the Italian Consulate in London (August 1).

July 23, 2022

TEFL Workers’ Union